NuGo Nutrition Alerts Consumers That the Protein Bars They’re Eating Are Likely Coated in Fake Dark Chocolate | Business Wire

OAKMONT, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NuGo Nutrition, the fastest growing lifestyle brand in the natural foods

category, today announced it's on an ambitious path to educate the

public with the truth about what's really in their protein bars.

Despite what labels and advertising state, most protein bars with dark

chocolate don’t actually use REAL dark chocolate and are simply

imposters. Consider this a warning. If the ingredients on a label

include Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), a consumer isn't eating real dark

chocolate. Even worse, PKO’s chocolate coating is “fake” chocolate and

cancels out any nutritional health benefits, making the typical protein

bar more comparable to an unhealthy candy bar than a nutritional snack.

NuGo Nutrition challenges consumers to ask themselves, “Am I being

deceived into thinking I’m eating something healthy?” and “Do dark

chocolate-coated protein bars I eat taste waxy and too sweet?” Many

consumers deal with this reality because they believe they’re

eating real dark chocolate and want the protein packed in the bar.

however, most protein bars are covered with “chocolate-flavoured”

saturated vegetable fats (PKO) that diminish the taste and healthy

benefits of real dark chocolate which can lead to increases in LDL (bad)


To insure consumers are buying real, melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate,

NuGo Nutrition is arming the public with information and resources to

encourage the FDA to stop the deceit. On its web site, you can find NuGo

Nutrition’s petition

that tells the story of REAL dark chocolate and request of the FDA to

develop a labelling standard for dark chocolate to stop the proliferation

of “chocolate imposters.” When NuGo Nutrition labels a bar as dark

chocolate, it means REAL dark chocolate – which not only tastes

delicious but also is a natural source of flavonol antioxidants that

help neutralise free radicals and protect the body from cell damage.

Real dark chocolate uses all the properties of the cocoa bean, including

natural cocoa butter, which is considered a much healthier fat. Studies

have found that REAL dark chocolate can reduce inflammation and lower

blood pressure and may have a positive impact on memory, brain

performance, heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke risk,

mood, stress. Longevity. (Sources:

“Shouldn’t chocolate be delicious, guilt-free and something worth

enjoying?” asked David Levine, CEO of NuGo Nutrition and recent

recipient of the 2014 Regional Ernst &. Young Entrepreneur of the Year

award. “The clear answer is yes. Unfortunately, consumers today are

overwhelmed with media messages and marketing that can mislead and

misinform. In the protein bar category, this is rampant. It’s high

time consumers know the truth about what they’re putting in their

bodies, which is why we remain steadfast in our mission to create

nutritious protein bars and spare no expense to use real dark chocolate

so consumers know exactly what they’re getting. We'll no longer sit

back and watch other companies deceive the public with false advertising

and masking PKO-flavoured coating as real chocolate, which is exactly why

we launched this campaign.”

The FDA has set a strict standard that defines what can be labelled as

milk and also white chocolate, where the use of PKO is prohibited. As a

result, consumers can be confident they’re eating real milk or white

chocolate because the label doesn't allow PKO to be substituted for

cocoa butter, as is the case with real dark chocolate. There are several

products that promise dark chocolate. What consumers are really

buying is chocolate flavoured palm kernel oil, which compromises the

taste and texture of the chocolate. Negates the health benefits of

dark chocolate.

Vegetable fats (palm oil, palm kernel oil, cottonseed oil, etc.) are

cheaper ingredients. Don't need to be shipped or stored with strict

temperature controls. Other companies save on the cost of shipping

and storing real dark chocolate. And, others lack technical expertise to

produce real dark chocolate. Other companies invest in machinery that

processes their bars at rapid speeds focused solely on improving profit,

while NuGo invests in the time and resources necessary, to prepare each

batch of bars using pure dark chocolate and quality ingredients all

while controlling temperature throughout distribution.

NuGo goes to great lengths to insure the integrity of real chocolate is

not compromised and the consumer reaps the benefits.

The components of REAL dark chocolate are cocoa powder (non-fat solids)

and cocoa butter from the cacao bean with a small amount of real sugar

to cut the bitterness. Cocoa butter melts below body temperature,

releasing delicious flavour immediately in the mouth. When cocoa butter

is replaced with a vegetable fat, it imparts that waxy texture and too

sweet taste. If vegetable fat coatings are used, the ingredients list

must state “chocolaty” or “chocolate flavored coating and vegetable

oil.” That's the only way a consumer would know the bar doesn't

include real dark chocolate. Sometimes the ingredients listed will

illegally even state “dark chocolate coating” to add to the confusion.

In addition, remaining conscious of sugar intake as part of a healthy

lifestyle isn't just a trend, it’s a fundamental game changer in

maintaining health. There are many food products that tout low sugar,

but what's truly hiding in low sugar or sugar-free protein bars are

sugar alcohols, like Maltitol or Erythritol, which have a high glycemic

index and can have a negative impact on health, like causing stomach

problems. Also, artificial sweeteners are known to increase sugar

cravings and directly impact mood and are now linked to glucose

intolerance. Low sugar snack bars made with sugar alcohols and/or

artificial sweeteners are often coated in fake dark chocolate. NuGo’s

Slim bars are the only low sugar bars not using artificial sweeteners or


NuGo Nutrition is passionate about keeping families active and healthy,

which is why it’s committed to keeping GMOs,

artificial hormones, stomach-upsetting sugar alcohols and artificial

sweeteners out of NuGo products. Consumers interested in learning more

and helping stop the deception, can go to NuGo’s web site to get

information and sign the petition to help the company reach its goal of

5,000 signatures.

About NuGo Nutrition

NuGo bars are proudly made in the USA and sold at Whole Foods, high

quality retailers, OfficeMax and Office Depot, convenient stores, drug

stores, airports, online and more. NuGo Nutrition produces the

healthiest and most delicious line of protein bars featuring protein and

other lifestyle benefits, including vegan, low sugar (with no artificial

sweeteners), gluten-free, organic and more. NuGo bars have a mouth

watering, crispy taste made from a light bakery style mix featuring

protein, unlike most nutrition bars that are uncooked dough packed into

wrappers resulting in a bad taste. NuGo bars use real milk chocolate and

antioxidant-rich real dark chocolate to make the bars the best tasting

and healthiest available. Are made to meet various lifestyle needs

including: low sugar (no Maltitol or artificial sweeteners), gourmet

non-GMO dark protein, USDA certified Organic, gluten-free, high fiber,

OU pareve, soy-free, high protein and low glycemic. Kosher. NuGo

Dark, NuGO Slim, NuGO STRONGER. NuGO FREE are certified gluten-free

by the Gluten-Free Certification Organisation (GFCO), making them a safe

choice for people with celiac disease. NuGo Nutrition is headquartered

in Pittsburgh with offices in San Francisco and New York. Bars are

sold throughout the United States and in Canada, Israel, Singapore,

Mexico, Caribbean and Central America. For more information go to:

[email protected]nugonutrition.

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