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BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lenovo announced five new smart devices that unlock the power and

potential of intelligent technology today – using artificial

intelligence (AI), unleashing smart features and deploying augmented

(AR) and virtual reality (VR). With their affordable prices, these

devices make transformative technology accessible to mainstream

consumers and challenge the conventions of traditional category

boundaries. The Lenovo Mirage AR headset, Explorer Mixed Reality

headset, Moto X smartphone, Tab 4 Home Assistant and Yoga 920

convertible with special edition models bring you an unmatched number of

ways to enjoy a more personalized computing experience. Additionally,

the new 12-inch Yoga 720 convertible, Miix 520 detachable, both running

Windows 10® and ThinkVision P27u monitor extend the Lenovo

line of PC-related devices for even more choice.

VR/AR Bring Silver Screen Content to A Headset Near You – Premiers Star

Wars: Jedi Challenges


Wars: Jedi Challenges is a new augmented reality Star Wars

product that allows fans to experience Star Wars in ways never

before possible. Jedi Challenges features a smartphone-powered Lenovo

Mirage AR headset, Tracking Beacon, Lightsaber controller, and hours of Star

Wars gameplay1. The product is compatible with both

Android phones and iPhones. Users start by downloading the Star Wars:

Jedi Challenges app2 onto their compatible phone and sliding

the phone into the tray of the Lenovo Mirage AR headset. Sleek, portable

and lightweight, the Lenovo Mirage AR headset will provide full gaming

immersion with an optimal level of comfort during gameplay. The headset

also comes with a Tracking Beacon, which is placed on the floor and acts

as a stable base for the headset’s sensors to detect the user’s movement

during gameplay. The headset pairs with a collectible-quality Lightsaber

controller modeled after the one wielded by Anakin Skywalker, Luke

Skywalker and Rey. Designed to be a key part of the experience, the

Lightsaber acts as a controller and pointer, allowing players to

navigate the user interface, with all controls, actions and commands

activated with a simple two-button configuration.

Our open approach to partnerships and building new experiences blending

devices and trailblazing content makes us different from other vendors,

and we think this approach leads to better, game-changing experience.

Together with Microsoft, we’re building a different type of VR world

with the Lenovo

Explorer Mixed Reality headset with more than 100 VR-ready titles.

We designed Lenovo Explorer as a natural, affordable extension of your

PC: You can access Microsoft Office suite, browse online or watch shows

in a virtual home office environment, play virtual reality (VR) games,

explore and discover through holo-tours, and enhance the video-watching

experience via 3D, 360-degree and 4K videos. Set it up in just minutes

by connecting a cable to your PC.

The Voice Service Goes Expressly Mobile – the New moto x4

Time to say ‘hello moto X’ once again. The fourth generation moto X has

a smarter camera that goes beyond capturing photos. The Landmark

Detection feature makes the moto X4 camera your eye to the

world – just point the lens at an object, and it will ask if you want to

learn about what you’re seeing. Or, spice up your selfies with the

Augmented Reality (AR) feature, which lets you add a layer of animations

to your photos or videos. The newest moto X4 is also the

first of Motorola’s smartphones to feature Amazon Alexa, giving you more

options when choosing a mobile digital assistant3. Experience

Amazon Alexa integrated right into moto x4 – without even

having to unlock it first. Now, whether you’re in a hotel, a friend’s

house or simply out and about, the features and benefits of Alexa are

always with you. The new moto x4: transforming smartphone


Transform Your Tablet – Lenovo Home Assistant Pack

Alexa makes other devices smarter too, and we’re bringing it first to

our tablets. The family-focused Tab 4 Series just got even more

versatile thanks to the Alexa-powered Home

Assistant Pack. Use your voice to get news, the weather or your

calendar, and see it all on the Tab 4’s display. Do even more with just

your voice, using it to shop online, listen to a song or control your

smart home. You can find what you’re searching for using the tablet’s

on-screen display cards on its 10-inch or 8-inch screen. All you need to

do is ask. The Home Assistant Pack equips the Tab 4 with the “Home

Assistant” app, a powerful three-watt speaker and far-field voice

detection with two mics so you can talk to search and hear your results

from up to three meters from any direction. To experience this level of

personalization, insert your Tab 4 into the Home Assistant Pack, watch

your screen switch to the Home Assistant Interface, and you’re ready to

go. And at just 320 grams, this lightweight tablet goes anywhere you do.

And with the optional Kid’s Pack and Productivity Pack, the Tab 4 now

lets you do a lot more, with one device. Besides offering the option to

transform into a smart assistant, the Tab 4 also offers a Kid’s Pack for

a 2-in-1 and a kid’s tablet and Productivity Pack to do more.

Personalizing the PC with Pen, Voice & Biometrics on Yoga 920

No longer does the PC stand for personal computing, characterized by

interaction happening in one-way exchange from person to device. Now PC

means personalized computing, and AI learning makes it contextually

aware of where you are. With this ability, your device can anticipate

your needs and interact with you in a variety of ways. The Yoga

920 convertible furthers the journey to a smarter laptop with new

smart pen functionality, voice recognition from a distance,4

mixed reality options,5 biometric security with Windows

Hello, and other tools.

Because many of us still want a keyboard or pen for creating, Yoga 920

offers an optional Lenovo Active Pen 2 great for Windows Ink™ that has

4,096 levels of pen sensitivity for drawing and making notes with no

discernible lag. Additionally, voice recognition, a hallmark technology

of smartphones and smart speakers, comes to the Yoga 920 with Cortana.

Now it recognizes voice commands in standby mode and from up to 4 meters

away4 so you can add items to a shopping list, play music,

check the traffic, send a short email, track packages and much more.

Cortana even uses AI to learn from its owners, so the Yoga 920 grows

smarter over time. It fuses power, such as up to an 8th

Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, Windows® 10 OS and

dazzling visuals with a nearly bezel-less 4K IPS touchscreen in a

13.9-inch frame.

Weighing in at just 1.37 kg (3.02 lbs), the four-mode convertible flexes

360° from a laptop into a tablet. Additionally, Yoga 920 comes in

limited edition Gorilla® Glass cover designs: Yoga

920 Vibes featuring a “visual vibration” design, Star Wars

Special Edition Yoga 920 Rebel Alliance and Star Wars Special

Edition Yoga 920 Galactic Empire.6

For those who want to see their laptop’s content on a larger screen,

they can pair it with the new ThinkVision P27u monitor. It has a 4K

borderless display, professional-grade color accuracy and fast response

times, with the convenience of USB Type-C connections and the

flexibility of a full function stand supporting an optional sound bar.

Additionally, we’re launching the 12-inch Yoga 720, our most portable

and compact Yoga 720 model yet at 0.62 inches thin and 2.53 pounds. It

comes equipped with optional Active Pen, fingerprint reader and Cortana

digital assistant. And the detachable Miix

520 with Windows 10 gives mobile users intuitive ways to create

content or immerse in entertainment with Lenovo digital pen, optional

WorldView camera for 3D imaging.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability varies based on country. Check http://news.lenovo.com/IFA2017

for details.

1 For list of compatible smartphones, please visit

2 Available at

3 Amazon Alexa integration is

available in markets where Amazon has Alexa, including the U.S., Germany

and UK.
4 Cortana with far-field voice-recognition

technology supports up to 4 meters away and in standby mode, requires

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which will automatically update

automatically when it is available.
5 Mixed reality

requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which will automatically update

when it is available. Also requires purchase of a Lenovo Explorer

immersive headset for Windows Mixed Reality and Type-C to HDMI adapter.

Cover designs and color options may vary by geography and may only be

available in selected markets.

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