How to grow (and maintain) a beard

Beards. Many of us want one. Not all of us can have one. It’s a bitter truth to reckon with, says this particular writer a supremely jealous non-beard-haver whose facial hair just doesn’t want to connect or get even remotely thick. Alas, those of us who a… [+16866 chars]

Mannatech’s Global Scientific Advisory Board Supports Company’s Commitment to Innovation and Science | Business Wire

GUANGZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mannatech®, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MTEX), a global health and wellness company committed to transforming lives to make a better world, has assembled a group of top-tier, independent scientists to lead its Global Scientific Advisory Board that will support the company’s continued commitment to providing groundbreaking, science-backed nutritional supplements to its worldwide customer base.

Mannatech provides top-quality nutritional supplements for families in China through its website Mannatech’s products include the innovative fat-loss system, TruHealth™ and its family of unmatched Ambrotose® nutritional products.

“The members of Mannatech’s Global Scientific Advisory Board are committed to science and the truth that their research and findings bring,” said Mannatech’s CEO and President, Alfredo “Al” Bala. “Mannatech has built its worldwide business on science-backed product technology, and this group will help us continue that tradition and take us into new, transformational areas of health and wellness, while ensuring we stay on the path of scientific proof and validation.”

This Global Scientific Advisory Board is part of CEO and President Al...