A 67-year old woman reinvented herself after her divorce and is now a travel influencer with over 53,000 followers

Linda Malys Yore says she's a library book sitting at home about how to use Instagram. And yet, she runs a successful account with 53,400 followers.
At 67, Malys Yore isn't your average travel influencer. But with bright-red lipstick and a vibrant pink st… [+5513 chars]

Reportlinker Adds Global Footwear Market: Athletic and Non-Athletic Shoes, The | Business Wire

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue.

Reportlinker Adds Global Footwear Market: Athletic and non-Athletic Shoes, The


Footwear is a huge and increasingly diversified business, driven by a host of demographic, lifestyle and fashion trends. As a result, the category is being segmented ever more finely as seen in the diversity of mainstream footwear trends—from casual comfort to sexy stiletto, and the fact that, in recent years, a far greater range of styles has become acceptable in the U.S. workplace. The liberalization of footwear norms coincided with an era of greed and seemingly endless conspicuous consumption where $150 sneakers and $500 pumps were easily consumed with ever-expanding consumer credit.

However, with a new economic reality comes a paradigm shift in the consumer mindset. For some consumers, charge now and pay later has been replaced with pay now or don’t buy at all. Instead of feeling good about expensive or ostentatious brands as they have in the past, many...