5 Science-Proven Ways to Improve Your Memory

14, 2019
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Memory creation and management is a complex process where the human brain collects, stores and recalls information that we need for various tasks. Yet these memorie… [+6595 chars]

NuGo Nutrition Alerts Consumers That the Protein Bars They’re Eating Are Likely Coated in Fake Dark Chocolate | Business Wire

OAKMONT, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NuGo Nutrition, the fastest growing lifestyle brand in the natural foods category, today announced it is on an ambitious path to educate the public with the truth about what is really in their protein bars. Despite what labels and advertising state, most protein bars with dark chocolate don’t actually use REAL dark chocolate and are simply imposters. Consider this a warning; if the ingredients on a label include Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), a consumer is not eating real dark chocolate. Even worse, PKO’s chocolate coating is “fake” chocolate and cancels out any nutritional health benefits, making the typical protein bar more comparable to an unhealthy candy bar than a nutritional snack.

NuGo Nutrition challenges consumers to ask themselves, “Am I being deceived into thinking I’m eating something healthy?” and “Do dark chocolate-coated protein bars I eat taste waxy and too sweet?” Many consumers deal with this reality because they believe they’re eating real dark chocolate and want the protein packed in the bar; however, most protein bars are covered with “chocolate-flavored” saturated vegetable fats (PKO) that diminish the taste and healthy benefits of real dark chocolate which can lead to...