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HARRISBURG, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The holiday season can be a hectic and energy draining time of year—full

of tempting, unhealthy food choices. Sugary and fatty foods are

everywhere, often resulting in holiday hyper-consumption, followed by

weight gain, low-energy AND New Year’s resolutions to improve health and

wellness. Why wait for New Year’s to get healthy? Why not start good

habits now with an Omega® Juicer Nutrition System?

According to a recent Nielsen

study, “Health and wellness are top priorities for U.S. consumers as

January takes hold, “staying fit and healthy” is our top resolution,

coming in at 37%, followed closely by “lose weight” (32%).” And that the

same study shows that “43% of Americans say they plan to lose weight by

making healthier food choices.” An Omega Juicer Nutrition System is an

affordable investment for consumers who want to take charge of their

personal health and wellness.

The Omega® Guarantee: Drink Well, Eat well, Live Well, All

Year Long:

An Omega

Premium Juicer And Nutrition System is the most useful appliance in

the kitchen to meet your healthy needs throughout the year! The benefits

of juicing include instant energy and immune system boosts (perfect for

the holiday season), getting your daily nutrients, cleansing and

detoxifying, weight loss. So much more! And our low speed,

masticating juicers are multi-purpose nutrition systems that do more

than juice. While they're ideal for juicing fruits and enjoying SUGAR

free fruit juice), veggies, leafy greens. Wheatgrass. The food

processing attachments can be used to make nut milks, oil-free nut

butters, all-natural baby food, fruit sorbets and even extract homemade,

gluten-free pasta or mince herbs! Healthy options are endless with Omega

Juicer Nutrition Systems!


Omega® NC800HDS Premium Juicer and Nutrition System is one of our

most popular low speed masticating juicers. Designed to look stylish on

any countertop, it's a compact footprint and comes in a silver or red

finish. It features 5 adjustable pressure settings, an 80 RPM, single

auger. A powerful 2HP motor that generates more torque to process

tough ingredients. The low speed function minimizes heat build-up and

oxidation. It’s easy to clean with automatic pulp ejection. Quiet

operation. Omega Low Speed Horizontal Juicer Nutrition System prices

range from $299.95 to $499.95. Featured unit is available for $329.95 in

stores, online and through omegajuicers.com.

About Omega Juicers:

Headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. Since 1985, Omega has developed many of

the most efficient and reliable juicers available, proudly offering all

styles of juicing equipment from its “One Stop Shop for All Your Juicing

Needs.” Today, the company is recognized as an undisputed leader in the

production of juicers, as well as high-quality blenders and beverage

equipment. For more information visit www.OmegaJuicers.com.

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