Unhealthy Snacking is Brit’s Biggest Vice – Research From Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit Ltd | Business Wire

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May is when 42% of the British public starts to wear lighter clothes

again, according to research by Zespri SunGold kiwifruit, the world’s

largest grower of kiwifruit.1 As a result, Brits are also

looking to feel more comfortable in their skin by exercising and eating

well at this time. However, Zespri SunGold has found that 44% of women

say that they're tempted by unhealthy snacks throughout the day, with

29% admitting it’s actually their biggest vice. Shockingly, over a third

(34%) of the British public even state that they consume at least

one unhealthy snack each day, which when added up can be seriously

detrimental to our health.

To combat this and taking into account the recent trend for ‘Squad

Goals’, a phrase which can now be found in the Oxford Dictionary,

Zespri SunGold is urging the British public to team up and swap snacks

with no nutritional benefit for vitamin packed, tasty treats. The

findings show that 16% of those surveyed eat healthier or follow a diet

as a team and a huge 71% said they engage in these activities as a team*

because it actually motivates them to reach their goals. By working

together, it’s clear that it's more enjoyable too, over half (51%)

state that they like the social element of collaboration. More

importantly, by choosing healthier snacks packed with vitamins and

antioxidants such as yellow kiwifruit, the British public can help to

improve mood, energy levels, skin health and muscle function, ensuring

the summer months are more enjoyable and carefree.

To bring this to life, Zespri SunGold has teamed up with LDN Muscle, the

fitness social influencers made up of two sets of brothers to create the

#SnackSquad campaign. James Exton of LDN Muscle comments: “Not only

do we understand that real-life can be demanding –. Balancing work,

family. Relationships – but we also know the power of working in a

team to achieve objectives. At LDN Muscle, our main aim is to enable

anyone to feel and look better. Our goals must be realistic and

achievable. Getting regular exercise and replacing unhealthy snacks with

tasty alternatives such as yellow kiwifruit is a fantastic starting

point. We’re excited to be encouraging people to change their ways

and resist unhealthy snacking temptations.”

Zespri® SunGold is a sweet kiwifruit with yellow-flesh. Available

from May 2017 through to December 2017, in leading supermarkets.

Notes to editors

Zespri® SunGold is a new sweet kiwifruit variety with yellow-flesh

developed naturally by Zespri® International. The Zespri® SunGold is the

result of a 100% natural cross-breeding of different kiwifruit

varieties. Is available from May through to October. Zespri® is one

of the world’s most successful horticulture marketing companies and the

Zespri® brand is recognised as the world leader in premium quality


1 ‘The study was conducted by OnePoll between 10/03/2017 and

14/03/2017 and polled 2000 UK Adults. Participants were recruited online

and were paid to participate.’
*Activities include: Go to the gym,

exercise, eat healthier/follow a diet, share healthy eating recipes and

tips, train for a marathon/fun run/Tough Mudder.

Rebecca Murphy
[email protected]