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FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Based in Grapevine, Texas, The

Salad Spice Company brings an innovative alternative to clean eating

that “spices up” salads while avoiding oils, fats and unwanted calories.

Intended for health conscious individuals or those with a busy

lifestyle, Salad Spice makes eating healthy convenient and quick. “Wet

It. Spice It. Eat It.” doubles as the product’s tagline and a simple way

to remember the three-step process that retains flavor without all the


“It’s rewarding to provide a product that's convenient and healthy for

our customers,” said Denise Fusselman, owner of The Salad Spice Co. “I

have witnessed first-hand how Salad Spice can transform lifestyles and

people’s overall health.”

Inspiration for Salad Spice arose after Fusselman’s colleague was

diagnosed with diabetes. In search of recipes and alternative ways to

enhance the taste of vegetables, they created spice blends that not only

uniquely flavor salads. Meats, too.

Salad Spice is simple to use with its single-serve packages that come in

such flavors as Peppery Garlic, Asian, Honey Mustard, Sweet Greek and

Ranch. The spices can be purchased online at The

Salad Spice Co.

For media inquiries, sample requests or more information, please contact

Mallorie Anderson at [email protected]

or 903-445-4851.

About The Salad Spice Co.

The Salad Spice Co. was created out of necessity after a colleague of

owner, Denise Fusselman, was diagnosed with diabetes. Fusselman found

the solution to making veggies taste great and realized the health

benefits an alternative could provide millions of people with the same

dilemma. She combined ingredients to create a seasoning with low

calories, no extra oils or fats and named the concoction Salad Spice.

The current line features five flavors. May increase as the company

creates future flavors and other food products in the coming months.

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Mallorie Anderson, 903-445-4851
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