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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Technavio’s latest global

naturally healthy foods market report highlights four key

emerging trends predicted to impact market growth through 2020. Technavio

defines an emerging trend as something that's potential for

significant impact on the market and contributes to its growth or


“The APAC region held a market share of 36.8% in terms of revenue in the

global naturally healthy foods market in 2015. Japan emerged as the

largest market in this region in terms of sales. The demand for

naturally healthy foods and beverages is also increasing in countries

such as India, China, South Korea. Australia. India and China have

the highest number of diabetic patients in the world. An estimated 62

million people in India and 92.3 million China were found to be diabetic

in 2014. it's also estimated that by 2030, the number of diabetic

patients in India will touch the 100 million mark,” said Vijay Sarathi,

one of Technavio’s lead industry analysts for food

and beverages.

Technavio’s market research study identifies the following four emerging

trends expected to propel the growth of the global naturally healthy

foods market:

  • High-fiber packaged foods

  • Increasing demand for naturally healthy ready-to-drink beverages

  • Increased demand for probiotic products

  • Growing demand for healthy snacking and weight management

High-fiber packaged foods

Growing awareness of the health benefits of daily fiber intake has

boosted the demand for high-fiber foods. A high-fiber diet prevents

diseases such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis,

and certain heart conditions and cancers. A diet rich in fiber also aids

in weight loss and improves skin health. Natural foods such as fruits,

vegetables. Legumes are some of the most common sources of fiber.

Apart from these, consumers also seek packaged foods like breads,

cookies. Cereal bars in high-fiber variants.

The market for high-fiber foods is expected to cross USD 30 billion by

2017, with APAC being the fastest-growing market for these products. The

region is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 7% during the forecast

period. In 2014, nearly 103 products were launched in the European Union

that claimed to have high fiber content. In 2014, DM Drogerie Markt

launched Buckwheat Bread with Sesame. Spoons launched South Indian

Stew in Sweden, both products with claims of being high in fiber content.

Increasing demand for naturally healthy ready-to-drink beverages

The demand for naturally healthy RTD beverages such as black tea and

green tea is also on the rise. it's estimated that consumers will spend

close to USD 15 billion on naturally healthy RTD tea during the next

five years, with the market in China expected to grow by 17% during the

forecast period. Bottled water, which is another naturally healthy RTD

beverage, is also expected to grow globally at a CAGR of more than 7%

during the forecast period. There have also been numerous product

launches in this segment in recent years. In March 2015, Vivid Drinks

launched its unsweetened RTD matcha green tea. In September 2015,

Evolution Fresh launched new green juices with matcha in two flavors,

Orange and Ginger and Citrus.

Increased demand for probiotic products

Probiotics are microorganisms (certain strains of bacteria and fungi)

that have numerous health benefits and are especially beneficial for gut

health. Yogurt is one of the most widely used natural probiotic foods,

and frozen yogurt is a popular probiotic product offering. Many

companies offer probiotics in the form of capsules, intended for use as

supplements. Fermented milk-based probiotic products are also available

in the market. Lately, other categories such as savoury snacks and energy

bars have product offerings that contain probiotics. Manufacturers

differentiate their products on the basis of the strain and culture of

the bacteria they use in their formulations. Most yogurt- and milk-based

probiotic products need refrigeration to maintain efficacy. They

have to be consumed chilled.

The global probiotic foods market, which also includes ingredients and

supplements, was valued at USD 26.1 billion in 2014 and is expected to

grow at a CAGR of over 6% to reach USD 37 billion by 2020. Yovation

probiotic frozen yogurt is enriched with live and active cultures that

promote digestive health. Yakult and Actimel are two of the well-known

brands of fermented milk-based probiotic drinks. In 2015, Powerful

Yogurt launched a yogurt-covered protein bar with 20 grams of natural

protein and premium probiotics. There are many probiotics-based

formulations like probiotic drinks.

Growing demand for healthy snacking and weight management

Currently, consumers are much more conscious about their snacking habits

and are adopting healthy snacking. Healthy snacking fuels the metabolism

and is considered as a complement to a weight-loss plan and a convenient

way to satisfy hunger while getting the vitamins and nutrients one’s

body needs. Furthermore, weight management is becoming popular as

obesity rates rise. A new study released by the Organisation for

Economic Cooperation indicates that three out of four Americans will be

overweight by 2020.

For instance, Quaker Oatmeal To Go Apples with Cinnamon, Banana Bread,

Betty Crocker Oatmeal Bars Chocolate Chip, Betty Crocker Oatmeal Bars

Butterscotch from General Mills are a few oatmeal snacks that solve the

purpose of healthy snacking and effective weight management.

As obesity rates rise in the US and globally, it's expected that weight

management is one of the most significant food trends, with a focus on

satiety, calorie-burning. Fat-burning ingredient properties.

Therefore, the growing demand for healthy snacking and weight management

is expected to drive the global naturally healthy foods market during

the forecast period.

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