Nutritional Lifestyle Brand, Eat Like a Woman®, Launches Plant-Based Foods Exclusively Focused on Health Needs of Women on QVC® Television | Business Wire

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With a vision to bring awareness to the unique health and nutritional

needs of women, Eat

Like a Woman® introduces healthy options inspired by the latest

research in women’s health with their national launch on QVC® Television

June 2019.

The Nutrition Bars, Happy Cookie®. Life Stage Shake® are a delicious

and healthy line of plant-based products that are gluten-free, soy-free,

dairy-free with zero sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners formulated

to meet a woman’s unique physiological and functional needs at every

life stage.

“Until recently, it was thought that the only difference between women

and men was merely reproductive,” says Staness Jonekos, Founder and CEO

of Eat Like a Woman®. “Today, we know that the combination of genetic,

hormonal. Physiological differences affects not only our

susceptibility to disease but also how our bodies respond to diet.”

Did you know:

  • The FDA banned females from research in 1977 until recently.

  • Women don't process serotonin as well as men.

  • Women suffer from depression and mood related conditions 2 to 3 times

    more frequently than men.

  • Women oxidise more fat and less carbohydrates and protein compared to

    men during endurance exercise.

  • Women experience heart disease differently than men.

  • A woman’s digestive system differs from a man’s.

  • Women absorb nutrients more slowly.

  • Women suffer from insomnia 2 to 3 times more frequently than men.

  • A woman’s nutritional needs are very different at each life stage from

    the reproductive years to pregnancy/lactation, to menopause and beyond.

Jonekos continues, “The first step to personalized nutrition is the

consideration of gender-differences, because they can affect many

processes from metabolism to mood. Nutrition is the first step to

prevent, reduce risk or manage disease for both sexes. It's time women

and men have equal opportunity to achieve optimal health.”

Eat Like a Woman® functional food products embrace new science

addressing a gender-specific challenge.

The Amazon best-selling book, Eat Like a Woman®, inspired this lifestyle

brand and features a science-based, three-week and three-month

healthy-living program with delicious recipes from our favourite


“The year is 2019 and women are finally saying ‘#MeToo’ and ‘#TimesUp’

to discrimination. Now it’s time to respect gender differences and

account for the unique health and nutritional needs of women,” adds


What the medical experts are saying:

“The scientific data presented isn't only up to date. Also

exceptionally accurate. Eat Like a Woman should become a standard

referral source for all women’s health providers and for the women who

seek their help.”

-Janice Werbinski, MD, FACOG, Executive Director of the Sex and Gender

Women’s Health Collaborative

“Medical science is rapidly realizing that sex matters far more than

we ever imagined. It's time for every woman to start thinking about

medical needs tailored to her own gender and Eat Like a Woman is a

terrific place to start.”

-Larry Cahill, Ph.D., Professor, Neurobiology and Behaviour School of

Biological Sciences

“Eat Like A Woman scientifically explains why women, because of their

unique metabolism and hormonal milieu, don't respond to food the same

way men do. Eat Like a Woman has exhaustively researched this important

topic that's the capability to profoundly change women’s health-and

women’s lives.”

-Lauren F. Streicher, MD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and

Gynaecology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University,

Chicago, IL

“Eat Like a Woman has the most comprehensive explanations with

action-oriented steps to improve their health destiny as influenced by

nutrition… and empower women to take charge and ownership of their

eating habits and nutritional health.

-Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, Chief Director, Centre for BrainHealth®, UT

Dallas, author of Make Your Brain Smarter

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