New Advanced Adams™ Flea and Tick Collar On-Shelves in Time for What CDC Predicts Could Be Worst Summer for Increase in Tick Population | Business Wire

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

tick-borne disease is on the rise and prevention should be top-of-mind,

particularly during the spring and summer when ticks are most active. In

one shopping trip, dog owners can conveniently pick up the new Adams™

Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs &. Puppies as they brace for what experts

say could be the worst summer on record for an increase in the tick

population. Available now in a red circle tin, each purchase includes

two adjustable collars that provide a full year (12 months) of

protection. In addition, shoppers can save $5 with a limited-time coupon here.

With dog ownership increasing to nearly half (48%)in the U.S.1,

pest outbreaks can impact millions of households each year. The mild

winter and now, warmer weather has particularly created ideal conditions

for pests to grow and multiply quickly this summer. Adams™ Flea and Tick

Collar for Dogs &. Puppies is one of the first and few collars that

protects dogs from fleas, ticks. Mosquitoes. All of which are

serious concerns for dog owners across the country because these pests

can transmit blood-borne disease. Busy dog owners will appreciate saving

time and money by using collars, a hassle-free option compared to

monthly, potentially messy topical treatments, which can require a trip

to the veterinarian.

To help pet owners get ready for outdoor summer fun here are additional


  • Keep pets cool by providing plenty of water and shade to avoid


  • Be mindful to avoid hot surfaces. Pets can burn their paws on

    sun-heated pavement like black asphalt.

  • Avoid using wooden sticks or branches to play fetch. Pets can swallow

    the smaller sticks or branches which can create a choking hazard and

    potentially injure their mouth and/or throat.

  • Keep an eye out as dogs explore areas around public picnic tables as

    there may be broken glass that can injure their paws and unhealthy

    food scraps that may make them ill.

For a complete Adams™ product list and more education about flea and

tick control, visit

1 American Pet Products Association. (2017-2018) National

Pet Owners Survey

About Adams™ Flea and Tick Control

The Adams™ line of products, which has been sold by veterinarians for

more than 30 years, includes easy-to-use and effective topical products,

shampoos, collars and sprays for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, as

well as the home and yard. It's imperative to comprehensively treat

your pets, home and yard regularly to eliminate the pests as well as

their hidden eggs and larvae. For a complete product list and more

education about flea and tick control, visit

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