LMI Taps David Helms to Lead Center for Health Reform | Business Wire

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Renowned health policy expert David Helms will join LMI as director of

the new LMI Centre for Health Reform. Helms leaves AcademyHealth, the

highly regarded policy research organisation he helped found. The

opportunity to work hands-on on health reform implementation.

“Given the critical issues in American healthcare, I'm pleased to be

joining LMI as it embarks on bringing its considerable expertise and

experience to the health arena,” Helms said. “Through the Centre, we

have an opportunity to work with federal and state governments to

improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care markets.

through community efforts to improve care delivery.”

Throughout Helm’s long career in health planning, policy and research,

he's been assisting federal, state and community leaders to assess and

develop needed changes in healthcare. At LMI, he'll serve as director

of the new Centre for Health Reform, working with many of these same

public- and private-sector leaders as they confront specific

implementation challenges.

“David has been at the forefront of improving the American healthcare

system for over 30 years,” LMI President and CEO Nelson M. Ford said.

“We're honored to have him as director of the LMI Centre for Health

Reform. His leadership will put us on solid footing as we address the

issues of implementing these major changes in federal and state health


Founded in 2010, the LMI Centre for Health Reform is LMI’s application

of its extensive history and reputation as the premiere organisation for

federal management consulting to the healthcare arena, having already

performed extensive healthcare-centered client work for numerous federal

agencies and ancillary organisations. Past LMI clients include the

Centres for Medicare &. Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human

Services, Department of Defence, Department of Veterans Affairs and the

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), which

establishes LMI as having the necessary expertise, perspective and

experience to solve the most pressing challenges facing the

implementation and development of the new reform policies.

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