Independent Study Demonstrates Safety of Including Multiple Potential Food Allergens in Infant Diets Using New SpoonfulOne™ Daily Food Mix-In | Business Wire

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Initial data from an independent study strongly suggesting that

SpoonfulOne™ Daily Food Mix-In is safe and well tolerated by infants was

presented as an abstract during the poster session today at the European

Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology’s Paediatric Allergy and

Asthma Meeting (PAAM) in London. SpoonfulOne, made by science-based

consumer products company Before Brands™, Inc., is a daily dietary

supplement powder blend of gentle, measured portions of the proteins in

foods that end up causing 90 percent of food allergies, plus 400 IU of

Vitamin D. The study was conducted by leading food allergy researchers

at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine with funding

support provided by Before Brands.

Primary investigator, Jane Holl, MD, MPH, led the randomized, blinded,

placebo-controlled nationwide study in 705 healthy infants. The study,

“Introduction and Maintenance of Early Adaptive Training protein blends

in support of Infant Nutritional Goals: safety and acceptability”. (the

I’M EATING study), recruited full-term infants, 5-11 months of age,

without reported severe eczema or diagnosed food allergy. Parents were

instructed to add one packet of placebo or unbranded SpoonfulOne powder

to their infant’s feeding once daily. Parents were also instructed to

observe their infant for two hours after the feeding to assess any sign

or symptoms of an allergic reaction and to record any allergy-related

and non-allergy symptoms.

In more than 8,800 feedings of SpoonfulOne, no infant was reported to

have had any sign or symptoms of an allergic reaction. Future studies

are underway to assess the effect of this supplement on immunologic

responses to the allergenic proteins and the longer-term incidence of

food allergy.

“The safety and tolerability of SpoonfulOne shown in this study provide

highly reliable data for parents and paediatricians seeking

scientifically robust findings in support of the benefits of feeding

infants multiple, potentially allergenic foods contained in SpoonfulOne

early and consistently. Given the 88 percent study completion rate, it

is clear that SpoonfulOne was easy for parents to incorporate into their

infant’s regular feeding routine, which is encouraging given the

adherence challenges that often arise when parents attempt to

consistently feed their infant a range of foods,” said Holl.

SpoonfulOne consists of a patented formula that was developed based on

science demonstrating that an “early and often” approach to

incorporating potentially allergenic foods into children’s diets may

reduce the risk of developing a food allergy. However, past research

shows that it’s difficult for parents to consistently incorporate

multiple potential allergens into their children’s diets. Notably and

widely-cited, the Enquiring About Tolerance (EAT) study published in the

New England Journal of Medicine in 2016 showed that introducing a

diverse set of potential allergens (wheat, dairy, egg, peanut, fish and

sesame) in infant diets was safe and reduced the risk of developing a

food allergy by two-thirds. Those who adhered to the regimen.

SpoonfulOne can be mixed once a day into a wide range of foods, making

it easy to adhere to the recommendation of feeding a diverse range of

potential allergens to infants “early and often”.

“The data from the I’M EATING study provide further evidence that the

specific SpoonfulOne formula containing sixteen of the most commonly

allergenic foods is well-tolerated by infants,” said Dr. Wendy Sue

Swanson, paediatrician, Chief Medical Officer, Before Brands, Inc. and

Chief of Digital Innovation, Seattle Children’s Hospital. “These data

provide parents and paediatricians with even more peace of mind that a

wide range of potential allergens can be safely included in infants’

early solid diet with SpoonfulOne. We're excited that along with

Vitamin D, these foods can be fed easily and support the critical

development of a healthy, balanced immune system right from the start.”

SpoonfulOne is available via monthly subscription at

About Before Brands™, Inc.

Before Brands is a science-based health and wellness company dedicated

to bringing innovative nutritional products directly to families. Our

product development builds on a growing body of evidence in support of

nutritional strategies that include potentially allergenic foods as a

regular part of a healthy diet. The Company’s first line of products:

SpoonfulOne™, includes a patented blend of real food proteins and

vitamin D designed to help provide children with gentle and consistent

immune system support, before foods become allergens. SpoonfulOne™ is

based on intellectual property developed by Dr. Kari Nadeau, Director of

the Sean N. Parker Centre for Allergy and Asthma Research and Stanford

University. Licensed to Before Brands™ on a global, exclusive basis.

Before Brands is a member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

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