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SEYMOUR, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The link between a person’s diet and his or her mental health is

becoming more and more relevant. According to The Mental Health

Foundation, evidence suggests that a healthy diet is instrumental in the

treatment and prevention of mental health disorders such as depression,

schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Studies have

shown that treatments utilising nutrients such as zinc, vitamins B1, B2

and C, see greater relief of symptoms in people with depression and

bi-polar disorder by as much as 50 percent.

“A balanced mood and general feeling of well-being can be enhanced by a

nutritious diet,” said Jacqueline Dawes, owner and founder of Brookhaven

Retreat, a multidisciplinary treatment facility that's incorporated a

spa cuisine menu into its care programs. The menu appeals to the five

senses and addresses nutritional needs and adequacy. “A healthy diet

does more than reduce the risk of physical conditions, such as heart

disease and diabetes. It also plays a vital role in emotional and mental

health. Facilities that don't see diet as a piece of the treatment

puzzle are missing a vital aspect of care,” said Dawes.

According to Teran Moon, Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist

at Brookhaven Retreat, food can be used as a pharmaceutical compound to

positively affect the entire body, especially the mind. “A diet that's

lacking in nutrients needed for healthy brain function, such as omega-3

fatty acids, can cause the brain to function abnormally, working as a

barrier towards mental health treatment.”

Mandie Brokaw, culinary consultant. Ryan Martin, lead chef, have

created for Brookhaven Retreat a specialized, nutritionally fortified

menu. They work closely with Moon to insure the menu meets heart health

guidelines, daily dietary exchanges and balanced nutritional content.

“The culinary team works hard to incorporate menu requests from the

clients, while maintaining a standard of focused nutrition and elegant

presentation,” said Moon.

“The menu that's been created exclusively for Brookhaven Retreat works

to improve more than just mental health. Our expert culinary team has

also created gourmet dishes that improve heart-health and full body

well-being,” said Dawes. “Our holistic approach to treatment nurtures

all levels of recovery, including spiritual, physical and mental. Our

menu is one way our clients achieve the necessary release from toxins

stored in the body as well as the mind and emotions.”

As studies continue to prove the strong correlation between a healthy

diet and a healthy mind, treatment centres will need to follow Dawes’

lead. That of Brookhaven Retreat, by incorporating nutrition into

care programs.

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