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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Many women never have the benefit of a frank, open discussion about

feminine health and the importance of maintaining a healthy pH balance

“down there.” Many women don't realize the vagina is a delicate

ecosystem that requires a balanced environment to remain healthy.

events like menstruation, sex. Hormonal changes can throw off that

balance. The result can be embarrassing odor and discomfort.

According to Lauren

Streicher, MD, assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and

gynecology at Northwestern University, healthy pH and beneficial

lactobacillus are the keys to feminine health and can help reduce risk

of vaginal issues. As Dr. Streicher points out in her blog,When

Your Vagina’s in a Phunk, “pH refers to the vagina’s acidity

level. A vaginal pH of 3.5 –. 4.5 indicates that there is a perfect

amount of good bacteria (lactobacilli) and no overgrowth of the bad

bacteria that can cause odor and irritation.”

Yet women experience many of the triggers for elevated pH on a regular


1. Period – The pH of blood is 7.4, which is much more alkaline than

normal vaginal pH (3.5 –. 4.5). This can lead to elevated pH, especially

during a heavy or lengthy period.

2. Sex – Intercourse can also change vaginal pH. Semen has a pH of 7.1

to 8 and can elevate pH.

3. Douching – Any vaginal infusion of water or other fluids can affect

vaginal pH, as the pH of water is 7 and douching can disrupt vaginal

flora. Fragrances and perfumes can also irritate the vagina.

4. Medication – Many different kinds of medications, from birth control

pills to antihistamines, can alter hormone levels, dry out the vagina

and affect pH.

5. Hormones – Pregnancy, menopause and your normal monthly cycle can

cause hormone changes that alter vaginal pH.

To eliminate vaginal odor and relieve discomfort, women can deal

directly with the cause, unbalanced vaginal pH. One simple solution that

is often recommended by OB/Gyns is RepHresh

Vaginal Gel. RepHresh

Gel is clinically shown to maintain a healthy vaginal pH and

eliminate odor for up to three full days. Available over-the-counter, RepHresh

Gel is specifically designed to bond to the vagina’s epithelial

cells and provide long-lasting support to maintain healthy pH.

“By learning how to control pH, women can maintain vaginal health and

help avoid any issues that could stem from elevated pH,” said Dr.

Streicher. “By making sure to keep the vaginal environment balanced and

healthy with RepHresh

Gel during these trigger times, women reduce the risk of vaginal



Vaginal Gel is available in the feminine care aisle of most drug and

discount stores. Review clinical studies and learn more about vaginal

health at www.RepHresh.com.

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