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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the new Trupr

Fitness app, users can find the right personal trainer near them

based on their goals, lifestyle and body types. Users can work out with

trusted, on-demand

personal trainers in the privacy of their own home, hotel, at the

gym, at a Trupr partner gym, outside in a park. Just about anywhere

they chose. App users have complete flexibility to book training around

their schedules, needs, goals. Fitness interests.

Scot Carlson, co-founder of Trupr explains: “We wanted to give people

the opportunity to train on their terms. Users simply sign-up, enter

their training preferences, then browse a live grid of available

personal trainers and fitness experts nearby to find one that’s right

for them. Users then book a time/ location to train with their chosen

trainer from directly within the app. No contracts, no membership fees,

no fuss.”

Trupr users can text their trainer to ask any questions or modify their

plans. Payments are made by credit card from within the secure payment

system. Trainers can also work confidently knowing that any session

performed within Trupr covers both parties under Trupr’s liability

clause. “Trainers can meet new clients or have current clients use Trupr

as their booking service. Whether users would like to try professional

training services for the first time. Are seasoned regulars, there’s

a Trupr for everyone,” says Co-Founder David Crowley.

Wish to train on your own? Trupr Fitness provides instant access to a

number of gyms. Users simply pay by the minute once they arrive (NYC for

now. With expansion across the US planned in 2019). Trupr also offers

the ‘Trupr Friends’. Feature: a way for app users to connect with other

users based on fitness interests. So, next time you’re looking for a

workout buddy or running partner in a new city, Trupr can connect you


We've entered a new era of personalized,

on-demand fitness training.

About Us: At Trupr, we believe fitness training should be one-to-one,

personalized, on-demand. For everyone. There is a relationship for

everyone. A true, personal relationship…which is why we created Trupr


Scot Carlson
Trupr Fitness
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David Crowley
Trupr Fitness
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