Truth Be Told: Lady of America Debunks Weight Loss Myths to Energize Your Exercise Program in Time for National Women’s Health and Fitness Day | Business Wire

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Knowing that misconceptions about exercise and healthy living are

barriers that prevent women from achieving their fitness goals, Lady of

America marks the sixth annual National Women’s

Health and Fitness Day (September 26, 2007) by dispelling common weight

loss myths. The world’s largest chain of

full-service women’s fitness centers believes

shedding light on fitness fictions is key to helping women shed their

unwanted pounds.

“Lady of America prides itself on its honest,

welcoming and motivating approach to fitness,”

said Jillian Sanchez, Lady of America Franchise Corporation’s

Director of Operations. “We hope that by

sharing real weight loss facts, September 26th

will represent a turning point for American women where getting fit

transforms from an intimidating and elusive goal to an achievable


With more than 20 years of staying power in the constantly evolving

business of women’s fitness, Lady of America

has seen many exercise myths and fad diets. “We

like to call them myths of the moment,”

said Sanchez. However, Sanchez noted that many weight loss and exercise

misconceptions seem to endure despite their flimsy premises. Some of the

more lasting myths include:

  • MYTH: Women only need to do cardiovascular exercise to lose


  • FACT: Cardiovascular exercise (a highly recommended weight loss

    component) combined with a healthy diet will jump start weight loss.

    However, to prevent a plateau before you’ve

    reached your weight loss goal, cardiovascular activities should be

    incorporated into a workout program that also includes weight/strength

    training. Weight training helps build muscle mass, which, in turn,

    burns more calories than does fat. Research has shown that regular

    strength training can increase your metabolic rate by up to 15 percent.

  • MYTH: If you’re not sweating, you’re

    not burning calories.

  • FACT: Sweating is an internal bodily function created to cool

    off. An individual can burn calories through light weight training,

    walking and even sleeping! Muscle masses in the body burn calories

    even when the body is at its resting metabolic rate or RMR.

  • MYTH: Never eat before working out.

  • FACT: When working out, the human body requires energy stored

    from food to propel muscles to work efficiently. The key is to choose

    a healthy pre-gym snack or nutritional supplement.

“With all the ‘quick

fix’ weight loss methods on the market it is

easy to understand why so many exercise myths exist,”

added Sanchez. “At Lady of America we help

our members discover their own fitness truths and welcome all women who

want to honor National Women’s Health and

Fitness Day by kick-starting their own weight loss programs.”

Lady of America Fitness Centers provide a highly specialized workout

setting for women to help them achieve their fitness goals. Lady of

America offers the complete workout experience in a clean environment

with no complicated machines. Lady of America’s

easy-to-use strength and toning equipment is manufactured specifically

for women to fit their frames as opposed to co-ed clubs whose equipment

is sized for men. The women-focused fitness centers offer various

classes such as Pilates, Yoga and aerobics as well as many other

amenities including sauna, tanning, free childcare, massage, personal

training and many more!

Lady of America Fitness Centers offer an excellent opportunity to

anyone-from the beginner to the die-hard to get into life-long shape in

a safe and comfortable environment.

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About Lady of America Franchise


For over 20 years, Lady of America Franchise Corporation (LOAFC),

franchisor of the Lady of America, Ladies Workout Express, Workout

Express and Health Clubs of America fitness centers, has been an

innovator in the constantly evolving business of women’s

fitness. LOAFC was established in 1984 with the goal of providing a

dynamic and supportive environment to hundreds of thousands of women

working on their fitness and lifestyle goals in a safe and comfortable

setting while enjoying the company and support of other women. Today

LOAFC is one of the largest chains of women’s

fitness centers with over 450 franchises in operation across 45 states

and nine countries.