Soda Says, the UK’s Lifestyle Marketplace, Expands to U.S., Shining a Light on Innovative Tech Products That Improve Our Lives | Business Wire


Says, a curated online marketplace for purposeful tech products,

today announced its US launch, with the unveiling of a new Sex Tech

collection for women. Born out of the desire to establish a more open

approach to technology fitting into our lives, Soda Says provides its

community with fun yet informative content, live events and innovations

that enrich our lives, rather than contribute to the clutter. With $2.5

million raised to date from lead investor UK-based LocalGlobe, along

with other investors including. ADV. Founder and CEO of PCH

International Liam Casey, Soda Says is focused on expanding its reach to

the US in order to make tech more inclusive.

Earlier this year, the banning of a female vibrator from the Consumer

Electronics Show in Las Vegas shined a spotlight on the burgeoning

business of women’s sexual wellness. The banning sparked outrage.

Now, sex toys have migrated from basement sex shops and onto the

nightstands of the world’s savviest women, in a global market estimated

to be worth $30 billion.

“The technology industry is finally seeing the value in female-focused

design in the sex tech industry. Gone are the giant body part

replicators. The overly eroticized tone has been replaced by stylish,

Instagram-friendly products that many are happy to leave on their

bedside tables,” said Grace Gould, co-founder and CEO of Soda Says. “The

products that Soda Says introduces to its community are being developed

with incredible, patented technology that's been thoughtfully

constructed with the female body in mind.”

“Soda Says is tackling a huge opportunity of selling consumer

electronics to women by women,” said Saul Klein, co-founder and Partner

at LocalGlobe. “The company began by creating a hyper-engaged community

that started looking to Soda Says for shopping ideas to trends and news

around technology. It’s very successfully monetized that community in

the UK. Is now taking that community-led commerce playbook to the


Through partnerships with emerging brands like Dame,

the Soda Says US Sex Tech offering includes a variety of new products,

such as Dame’s Pom, which sits in your hand and bends with you to

deliver broad and targeted stimulation. Additionally, Soda Says is

introducing the Crescendo, the multi-award-winning world’s first fully

flexible smart vibrator, from British startup MysteryVibe,

and Rose Gold Petite, the small but powerful rechargeable vibrating

massager from Le

Wand, amongst others.

“Sex toy use has been mainstream for a while. They’re only just

starting to be marketed and sold as the wellness products that they're,

instead of bachelorette party gag gifts,” said Janet Lieberman,

co-Founder and CTO of Dame Products, a women founded sex toy company on

a mission to close the pleasure gap. “Over the next few years, more and

more fashion, health. Beauty stores will begin carrying sex toys,

acknowledging the roles that sexuality, self-care. Pleasure play in

a balanced and healthy lifestyle.”

Soda Says is focused on creating an inclusive community for the everyday

consumer seeking to improve life through tech. This Sex Tech launch is

the first of a series of new categories to be released in the US.

The full list of products available in the collection can be found HERE.


Launched in 2017, Soda Says is a curated marketplace for purposeful tech

products. Committed to enhancing consumers’ lives through a more open

approach to tech, Soda Says provides its community with informative

content, live events and a tailored selection of innovative products

across categories from wellness and sleep to home and children. With

co-founders Grace Gould and Erica Allen at the helm, Soda Says is

continuing to expand its community internationally, having previously

built out offline experiences in Selfridges in London, Brown Thomas in

Dublin and Neiman Marcus in Dallas. Market research. For more


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