Octane Fitness Fuels Exercisers with Updated Workout App | Business Wire

VANCOUVER, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dedicated to fueling lives worldwide with innovative exercise equipment

and programming, Octane

Fitness, aNautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS) brand, is launching a

free, updated version of its popular workout app, which is now available

at the App Store for iOS devices. The new Octane

Fitness app works with the Octane Q47xi, Q37xi, xR6xi, ZR8 and ZR7

home equipment models.

Originally launched in 2014 as SmartLink™, the app has been

completely redesigned to be more user-friendly and intuitive to

navigate, with everything accessible at one’s fingertips. The cleaner

layout and visuals deliver a better user experience and help fuel


“The new Octane Fitness app underscores our passionate commitment to

help provide superior workouts and enhance motivation for exercisers

worldwide. We're continually seeking unique ways to further expand

our offerings,” said Ryan Simat, Vice President and General Manager of

Commercial and Speciality, Nautilus, Inc.

Key Features

1. Goal-based routines – Exercisers can identify personal goals,

including: lose weight, feel better, improve endurance, increase

strength, athletic performance or active recovery – and then select from

a multitude of workouts designed to achieve that goal. No more guesswork

as to which workout is best suited for specific objectives.
2. New

motivation screen options – Users can choose from several

motivational screens to display their workout feedback, including a

tachometer, track, heart rate, video-based coaching and more.

This way, exercisers can take advantage of various ways to fuel workouts

for better results, such as covering the quarter-mile track faster or

increasing their heart rate by working harder.
3. Cardio

and strength – The unmatched CROSS CiRCUIT® program

combines intervals of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises into

one workout on one machine. New videos guide exercisers and make it

simple to incorporate HIIT into any workout. The app features more than

35 pre-programmed routines and over 225 strength and flexibility

4. HIIT – Octane’s signature MMA and 30:30

routines are taken up a notch with an addictive tachometer that displays

real-time calorie burn that compels exercisers to challenge themselves

even more to bury the needle. Workout Boosters, such as X-Mode,

GluteKicker and ArmBlaster, also add intense intervals in any routine,

and feature interactive videos to maintain proper form.
5. Stride

tracing – On the Zero Runner® zero-impact machine, dual

stride tracing technology monitors one’s gait and provides valuable

information to help preserve proper form and consistency throughout

6. Customized tracking – Users can create their

own profile. Workout history is conveniently tracked and saved in

the app. Connected to Apple® Health, with additional

third-party apps coming soon.
7. Accommodating – The Octane

Fitness app meets exercisers where they're – from beginners to advanced

levels – with a variety of different regimens and multiple intensity


More to Come

The app also will be compatible with Octane’s commercial LateralX,

XT-One, XT4700, XT3700, xR6000, ZR8000 and ZR7000 units. Will be

released for iOS in the fourth quarter of 2018. The Android-compatible

version of the Octane Fitness app will be released in 2019. Exercisers

using either the iOS or Android version will benefit from periodic app

updates over time that'll add more variety and extra motivation to

their Octane workouts.

Find Octane at www.Facebook.com/OctaneFitness.

For more information, contact the company at 888-OCTANE4 (888-628-2634)

or www.octanefitness.com.

About Nautilus, Inc.
Headquartered in Vancouver,

Washington, Nautilus, Inc. (NYSE: NLS) is a global fitness solutions

company that believes everyone deserves a fit and healthy life. With a

brand portfolio including Bowflex®, Modern Movement®,

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and Universal®, Nautilus, Inc. develops innovative products

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in commercial channels.

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