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ANNAPOLIS, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 14, 2006–Under Sail Marketing, LLC today introduced and made available for sale JumpSnap (www.jumpsnap.com), the world’s first ropeless jump rope and newest evolution of the classic exercise. Designed for any age, fitness level and athletic ability, JumpSnap’s inventor lost 50 pounds and 6 inches on his waist proving it works.

“JumpSnap is an easy to use, effective and rewarding fitness product with universal appeal. I'm thrilled that JumpSnap has received such widespread curiosity and critical acclaim within the fitness community in its short history,”. Said Brad LaTour, Inventor of JumpSnap and CEO of Under Sail Marketing. “What started as just an idea in 1997 led to a working prototype in 2004 for my own use and my own desire to get back into shape. After experimenting with several different variations that'd later evolve to become the first JumpSnap, the exercise as well as the results continued to exceed my own expectations giving me a waist size and energy I hadn’t seen since high school. As a result and at the urging of colleagues, family and friends, I decided to produce and market the product.”.

JumpSnap is an evolutionary fitness device that provides significant advantages over many exercise products today while leveraging the indisputable benefits of the traditional jump rope, primarily:

—. Intense calorie-burning, low-impact workout in far less time than running or weight training.

—. Full body workout for any age, fitness level or athletic ability.

—. Easily portable and storable device perfect for travelling. And,

—. Low cost product.

“JumpSnap offers a vigourous cardio, calorie burning workout that's a great compliment to any training regimen. it's the perfect recipe for optimum fitness,”. Said well-known fitness trainer and certified Power Pilates instructor Tressa Campbell of Evolutions Body Clinic. “There isn’t a better way to burn calories in such a short period of time.”.

The development of JumpSnap has eliminated the requirements to have excellent athletic coordination, as well as the need to have an area with enough space and high ceilings to participate in the exercise –. Making it compatible for use at home, at the office, at the gym or while travelling. Rather than two handles connected by a rope, JumpSnap removes the rope and eliminates the primary barrier to the exercise for most people. JumpSnap includes an electronic chip in the handle that estimates calories burned based on a user’s height, weight and number of jumps. Additional features on the handle’s LCD include a timer, target mode, audible workout summary, screen saver and auto shut-off feature. With each rotation, the device makes a subtle snap sound, similar to that of the traditional jump rope and the inspiration for the product’s name. The snap sound isn't only an audible effect. Also provides the user a rhythm and assists them in maintaining proper tempo and form.

LaTour continued, “I've invited a number of naysayers and non-believers to try the product and experience the JumpSnap exercises for themselves. I continue to find it encouraging that not one has made it beyond two or three minutes before conceding that it’s a surprisingly intense and stimulating work out.”.

JumpSnap’s inventor, Brad LaTour, spent the first 15 years of his career in the corporate world in senior management and marketing roles in the communications and hospitality industries. Most recently, Mr. LaTour served as a founding employee and senior vice president at InPhonic, Inc., America’s leading online seller of wireless devices and services. During his tenure at the company in managing all aspects of customer service and sales experience operations, InPhonic grew from a start-up to over $320 million in annual revenue, ranked #1 on the INC. 500 as the fastest growing company in America in 2004 and completed a successful IPO on the NASDAQ stock market.

For more information about JumpSnap and to view photos of the product, please visit JumpSnap at www.jumpsnap.com.

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