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DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Theresa Byrne has helped thousands blossom through health and fitness at

her Denver martial arts studio and as the fitness coach on the reality

show Fitting In, on the ABC Family Channel. Now she’s

bringing her motivational fitness program to a kid near you.

Today Byrne releases a workout DVD based on her “Fitness

Revolution for Kids” program, a new approach

built on the belief that kids can find success and even fun getting fit

through positive motivation and by connecting mind, body and spirit.

Fitness Revolution for Kids is a playful, high-energy workout for

children ages 5 and up. It's now available at

for $19.99.

“The Revolution is designed to give today’s

amazing children the tools they need to create their own generation of

health,” Byrne said. “We

empower kids and their families by accepting the good things about them.

When kids are feeling healthy and strong, their positive contributions

to the world are limitless.”

The statistics on the rising impact of childhood obesity in the U.S. are

alarming. One in three U.S. children born in the year 2000 could develop

diabetes during their lifetime, according to a July 2005 report by the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The current generation of

children in America is the first predicted to have a shorter life

expectancy than their parents, according to a 2005 report by the New

England Journal of Medicine.

Byrne tells families the first step in creating your own Revolution is a

new positive attitude toward health. “I’m

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determined to make it cool to take care of your body,”

Byrne said. “Fitness doesn’t

have to be work, it can be fun… it can be


The Revolution workout is created and led by Byrne, who owns one of the

largest martial arts studios in Denver. Fitness Revolution for Kids uses

easy-to-follow martial arts moves matched to upbeat music as it leads

families through a series of exercises designed to rev up their heart

rates and strengthen their bodies. The workout can be moderated to all

shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Families can choose the full,

45-minute workout or select segments for a quick workout. During the

program, “fit facts”

appear on the screen to teach kids and their families how their bodies

work and explain how to get the best from their bodies.

Success Breeds Success

Byrne has trained thousands of kids and adults in the Denver area in the

practice of mind and body health through martial arts and fitness. In

her daily interactions in the studio, Byrne was continually struck by

the similarities among different people in all walks of life dealing

with issues holding them back in their lives. Time and again, Byrne

observed these issues stemmed from people feeling negative about

themselves. Byrne used positive motivation and fun in her work with

children, finding when they reached new levels of success in

fitness/martial arts, it affected a whole-person change. When they found

the power within themselves, her students blossomed in all aspects of

their lives.

And So The Revolution Was Born

Inspired by the successes of her students, Byrne has created an exercise

program that kids and their families can use to find their own positive

power. The Fitness Revolution for Kids is a flexible exercise program

that kids and their families can use to take control of their own

fitness. The Revolution addresses the whole child through positive

motivation and play-like fun. To produce the workout, Byrne tapped her

background in martial arts, fitness training and empowerment coaching.

“Getting healthy isn’t

about diets and fads,” Byrne said. “It’s

about accepting your strengths and allowing your true gifts to shine

through to the rest of the world.”

Byrne calls out five easy ways families can get started.

Five Easy Ways to Start Your Own Fitness Revolution

  • Do something healthy every day

  • Eat foods that fuel your body

  • Make exercise a way of life

  • Decide it’s cool to take good care of your


  • Find something that you love to do. Do it every day

Free Classes in Denver

This summer, Byrne will host live Fitness Revolution exercise classes

free to parents and kids who'd like to try the moves, get a great

workout. Learn to use their minds to get healthy and have fun with

fitness. Classes will take place July 16 at 7 p.m., July 19 at 1 p.m.,

August 13 at 7 p.m.. August 16 at 1 p.m. All classes will be held at

United Martial Arts Center, 1610 E. Girard Place, Englewood, Colo.,

80113. Visit United Martial Arts on the web at

About the Instructor

Byrne is a Black Belt in martial arts, a fitness instructor, personal

trainer, motivational speaker. Creator of “Finding

Your Voice,” a self-empowerment and

self-defense program for adults. She owns and runs United Martial Arts

Center, one of the largest martial arts and fitness centers in Denver,

where she trains children starting at age 3 and all ranges of adults

including celebrities, professional athletes, actors and lots of regular

people and their kids too.

Byrne appeared on the ABC Family Channel in the reality TV show, Fitting

In, as fitness coach to overweight kids who made a commitment to get

fit. Throughout the process Byrne teaches the kids and their families

how to treat themselves with love and respect. Fitting In also

will air on Comcast Entertainment Channel (Channel 5 in Denver) on June

28. On Comcast Colorado Video On Demand throughout the summer. A

trailer of the show can be seen online at youtube/UMACDenver.

Byrne recently starred in a short film, Kung

Fu Kops,” in which she embodied true girl

power and also did all the fight choreography. A trailer for Kung

Fu Kops” can be viewed at

For more information on Fitness Revolution for Kids, please visit

A percentage of the proceeds of the Revolution DVD will benefit Children’s

Hospital of Denver, the Children’s Miracle

Network and local schools.

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Theresa Byrne, 303-783-9632
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