Boston Biotech Company Partners with Local Luxury Fitness Club to Improve Gut Health and Wellness | Business Wire

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ixcela, The Internal FitnessTM Company focusing on gut health

and wellness, today announced a collaboration with Lynx Fitness Club

that offers members access to Ixcela test kits to measure and improve

internal health through personalized fitness plans, dietary supplements,

and nutritional plans. The Club’s trainers and onsite nutritionist will

work directly with members to help improve overall health outcomes.

The Ixcela approach is focused on restoring internal fitness by

self-administering a sophisticated. Simple, pin-prick blood test

which identifies key metabolites associated with the gut microbiome that

are out of balance. A balanced gut microbiome coupled with a healthy

diet and activity can improve immune function, energetic efficiency,

cognitive acuity. Emotional balance – aligning with Lynx Fitness

Club’s mission of re-defining and creating the best possible fitness

Elanco Animal Health Completes Separation from Lilly | Business Wire

GREENFIELD, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (NYSE:ELAN) today announced that it is now a fully independent company. The completion of Eli Lilly and Company’s exchange offer completes the journey Elanco began in 2017 when its former parent company first announced the exploration of potential strategic alternatives for the 64-year-old animal health company. The exchange offer was 7.6x oversubscribed.

“This is a historic day for everyone at Elanco,” said Jeff Simmons, Elanco president and chief executive officer. “It reflects our team’s hard work over the past two years, the confidence that we have the right strategy and are successfully progressing the execution against it. With this milestone behind us, we look forward to a singular focus delivering innovative solutions and services for our customers – the farmers, veterinarians and pet owners that are central to our success. We welcome our new Elanco shareholders who join us and offer our appreciation to our customers, and Lilly for the decades of support.”

The share exchange was completed less than six months after Elanco’s IPO, when 19.8 percent of its shares were sold to the public. Since that...

community in Boston.

“The best way we can deliver our clients results is by quantifying

them,” said Bill Najam, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Lynx Fitness

Club. “It’s hard to quantify exercise and nutritional results unless

you’re working with a measurable test. Ixcela makes it easy for us to

work with members on the nutrition and fitness side and understand what

their baseline is when they start and understand how they progress as

they work with our in-house trainers and nutritionist to improve their

health holistically.”

The premier fitness club prides itself on creating a community of

individuals with shared health and wellness interests. By generating

tangible results, members are encouraged to improve overall wellbeing

and reach attainable fitness goals.

“We’re delighted to bring Lynx Fitness Club members the benefits of

Ixcela,” said Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, Co-Founder and CEO, Ixcela. “The

link between gut health and physical and mental health is irrefutable

and by working with members, we’re able to bring more awareness to

preventative health issues and help Boston achieve balanced health.”

Lynx Masters of Nutrition is accessible to members for onsite nutrition

education and training. Ixcela test kits will be available in single and

full-length programs and will be recommended by Club nutritionists and

trainers on a case-by-case basis. To learn more, visit

About Lynx Fitness Club

Located in Back Bay one block from the Boston Public Garden, Lynx

Fitness Club is Boston’s premier fitness and golf club, combining all

the benefits of a luxury gym with the amenities, services and lifestyle

of a modern day urban club. Lynx Fitness Club brings together the top

trends in fitness, expert training staff, state of the art facilities

and equipment, luxury amenities. Boston’s first Topgolf® Swing Suite

for year-round golf training and entertainment. For more information,


About Ixcela

Co-founded by Dr.’s Erika Angle and Wayne Matson, Ixcela is the leading

internal health company. Ixcela helps you measure and improve internal

wellness. The company’s primary mission is the promotion and

facilitation of gut health through easy measurement of an individual’s

biochemical state of several key metabolites, recommendation regarding

exercise, dietary habits. Tailored supplements. Ixcela is located in

Bedford, MA. More information is available at

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Sarah Karr, 978-518-4817
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