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DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October is filled with scares as everyone gets in the Halloween spirit. The Fitness Together® brand, the largest one-on-one private, personal training franchise in the U.S., wants to make sure that your workout regimen doesn’t lead to any “scary” injuries that'll continue to give you nightmares. James Mingle, Lead Personal Trainer at the Fitness Together studio in Greenwood Village, Colorado, has successfully rehabilitated from his own “horror story” of a broken back after a football-related accident in high school. Knows first-hand how debilitating injuries can be.

“Injuries from exercise can be extremely serious, even life threatening in my case. People 50+ years of age who are getting back into shape may need professional guidance to avoid injuring themselves,” says James. “After successfully rehabilitating from my broken back, I decided to take physical training seriously and pursued a degree in kinesiology from the University of Maryland because I want to help keep people from injuring themselves. From what I’ve seen as a trainer, the most common injuries are found in the back and lower back areas, meniscus damage in the knee. In the neck – which can all be avoided by strengthening other muscles that support those high-risk areas.”

James says the most common injuries he sees can often be avoided by incorporating these stretches and movements into your workout:

  • Overall Back Injuries

    • Superman – Lay on the ground with your legs and arms straight, lift your chest off the ground. Hold for five seconds. Repeat. This exercise engages abs, core. Strengthens your back.

    • Resistance Band Rotation Hold – Anchor a resistance band to your side while standing, pull the band with both hands straight to the opposite side the band is tied. Hold for five seconds. Focus on pulling the band by twisting your core, not your arms. Slowly return until you feel no resistance in the band. Repeat this movement for multiple reps.

  • Lower Back – Non-specific l ower back pain

    • Bird Dogs – On all fours, lift your leg and your opposite arm to full range of motion in a straight line. Hold for five seconds, slowly return to all fours. Do the same movement with the other leg and arm. This exercise not only stretches the lower back, it engages other muscles that build stability for your lower back that can prevent future strain.

  • Meniscus Knee Injuries– Meniscus-related injuries are slow to heal.

    • Leg ABC’s – Lay on your back, straighten and lift your leg. Spell the alphabet with your toes. This exercise tightens and conditions muscles around the knee in an isolated manner.

    • Step Downs – Using the stairs at your home, stand on the top stair and face downstairs. Set one foot on a stair while the opposite leg is hovering. Slowly lower yourself as you were to take a step downstairs. This exercise also works to strengthen muscles around your knee.

  • Neck Injuries – An extremely sensitive area surrounded by nerves that can be impacted by your shoulders, back. Even your legs.

    • Shrug-to-Relax – A progressive relaxation exercise to reduce stress that can be carried in your neck, gently lift your shoulders to your ears as you'd to shrug, hold for five seconds. Slowly release for five seconds. Repeat. By squeezing these muscles, you can release tension and increase blood flow in the area.

    • Head Rolls and Neck Rotation – Slowly roll your head around your neck and change direction. Emphasise slowly rotating your neck, as it should take a full ten seconds to rotate your neck to avoid any injury to your vertebrae.

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