Friday, 23 August, 2019

Your Leo Season 2019 Horoscope Is About Owning The Spotlight & Expressing Your Passion

Come out of your shell Leo season has arrived. The sun’s majestic rays are shining brighter than ever Feeling inspired yet? Whether you’re an artist looking for a creative muse or a hopeless romantic in love with love, I've a feeling your Leo season 2019 horoscope is everything you never knew you needed Cancer season was quite challenging, to say the least. Its maternal waves brought along both emotional and spiritual healing Now that it’s the peak of summer, it’s time to shed light on our inner child and the things that bring pure joy So, are you ready to have fun?
One of my favorite things about astrology is the divine order of the zodiac and the unique symbolism behind each zodiac archetype It’s no coincidence you feel the way you do during Leo season because each sign adheres to a higher order

In the beginning, the spark of Aries’. Cardinal fire is equivalent to the moment you take your very first breath.

Taurus’. Sensuality is a representation of the five senses, while Gemini’s mental agility goes hand-in-hand with your cognitive development

Cancer nurtures itself and its surroundings, which serves as a symbol of upbringing. Leo is the child within you, bursting with love and innocence.

So what happens when the sun enters lovable Leo? You know that feeling you get every time you laugh so hard your stomach hurts? Well, that’s the perfect way to describe the essence of Leo It’s time to have fun Period Nothing more and nothing less When was the last time you did something that genuinely brought a smile to your face? Leo’s fixed fire is here to help you be true to your authenticity and individual expression
Here’s what’s in store for you, according to your zodiac sign: Aries: You’re Full Of Joy And Enthusiasm Giphy
Enjoy your life, Aries The sun is beaming through your expressive fifth house of creativity, joy. Romance You’re as theatrical as ever. It’s time to live your life to the fullest What makes you happy? Surround yourself with people who lift your spirits Taurus: You’re Soaking Up All The Love At Home
It’s no secret that home is where your heart is this season, Taurus With the sun shedding light via your domestic fourth house of home and family, you’re getting loads of attention from your loved ones. You wouldn’t have it any other way Gemini: You’re Cackling With Your Immediate Crew
Gossiping your little heart out, Gemini? It’s not your fault you know everything. With the sun shedding light via your third house of communication, you’re more than likely spilling the tea Although, be careful what you say, as your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde until July 21 Cancer: You’re So Money
It’s been a heavy few months, Cancer But the sun is beaming through your abundant second house of values and self-worth this season. Well, you’re ready for a much-needed shopping spree Beside, you’re worth this and so much more Make sure to put yourself first Leo: It’s Your Solar Revolution Giphy
Happy Birthday, Leo Your ruling planet is shining its majestic rays through your sign. You’re glowing with pride What'll you do to celebrate? There are so many things to be grateful for. Cheers to another blessed trip around the sun Virgo: You’re Getting Some Closure
The only way to go is up, Virgo. With the sun beaming through your secretive 12th house of closure, dreams. Karma, you’re ready to find the courage within to let go of the things no longer serving you

You’ve got this. Your timing is impeccable, given that your birthday season is also around the corner.

Libra: You’re As Popular As Ever
Shine bright like the diamond you're, Libra The sun is shedding its light via your socially curious 11th house of teams, friendships. Extended network. You’re taking back the reins of queen bee Scorpio: You’re Owning The Spotlight
Celebrate your wins, Scorpio The sun is beaming through your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation. Professional life. You’re living for the applause Although, make sure you’re being mindful of your conversations, as Mercury will retrograde until July 31 Sagittarius: Your Voice Is Being Heard Giphy
Being passionate about your beliefs is an understatement, Sagittarius With the sun hovering over your expansive ninth house of education, higher learning. Personal philosophy, you’re feeling as bold as ever when it comes to your life perspective and general philosophies Capricorn: You’re Proud Of Your Evolution Process
Bravo, Capricorn

You’ve certainly come a long way. With the sun shedding light via your auspicious eighth house of sex, transformation. Intimate unions, you’re seeing a number of truths come to light.

Guess your intuition was right all along, huh? Aquarius: You’re Expressing Your Affections
They love you.


they love you not.


they love you, Aquarius With the sun beaming through your committed seventh house of partnerships, you’re focusing on your relationships and finally getting the attention you’ve so desperately been craving Pisces: You’re Doing Your Due Diligence With Pride
You’re so extra, Pisces. With the sun hovering over your orderly sixth house of health, daily routine. Work environment, you’re glowing with pizazz So whether it’s your shiny new workout gear or a new flamboyant pair of shoes, you’re ready to make an entrance