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Posted on: June 6, 2019

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community corner 'Zen AF Yoga' Taught By Trauma Survivor Comes To Westfield Yoga class will be taught by trauma survivor Lockey Maisonneuve and will be a fundraiser for the YWCA Union County May 30, 2019 9:30 am ET | Updated May 31, 2019 2:02 pm ET {{ replyButtonLabel }} Reply {{ replyCount }} Yoga class will be taught by trauma survivor Lockey Maisonneuve and will benefit the YWCA Union County (Photo courtesy of Lockey Maisonneuve) Yoga class will be taught by trauma survivor Lockey Maisonneuve and will benefit the YWCA Union County (Photo courtesy of Lockey Maisonneuve) Yoga class will be taught by trauma survivor Lockey Maisonneuve and will benefit the YWCA Union County (Photo courtesy of Lockey Maisonneuve) Yoga class will be taught by trauma survivor Lockey Maisonneuve and will benefit the YWCA Union County (Photo courtesy of Beth Saad) WESTFIELD, NJ - Those looking to destress can do so while supporting the empowerment of women and can do so with an edge The Zen AF Yoga fundraiser will benefit the YWCA Union County The YWCA Union County's Emergency Shelter Program provides a safe place for women and children in need of immediate safety as well as transitional and supportive housing They also have counseling and case management services, skill trainings and employment programs Beth Saad, Community Outreach Co-Chair of The Newcomers Club of Westfield, has been planning the June 4 event with Stephanie Caprario According to Saad, the idea started when she read an internet post about "Rage Yoga" "If you're not aware, Rage Yoga is a new trend of yoga that involves swearing and heavy metal," Saad said "Always up for something new, I thought it would be fun to try" Saad reached out through social media looking for someone who might be able to teach the class She was soon connected to Cranford resident Lockey Maisonneuve Maisonneuve is a survivor of childhood trauma who detailed her account in the book "A Girl Raised By Wolves" Maisonneuve also teaches yoga to initiates "Once I learned a bit more about Lockey's background, I knew we needed to turn this into a fundraiser for the YWCA Union County since Lockey suffered from domestic violence as a child and is now an advocate for ending sexual abuse," Saad said "Through our role as Co-Chair of Community Outreach for The Newcomers Club of Westfield, Stephanie Caprario and I planned a fundraiser for the YW last year We raised enough money to redo the art therapy room at their shelter So I knew we wanted to support them again When we were introduced to Lockey, it truly felt meant to be

" According to Maisonneuve, the event checks off all the boxes for fundraisers in which she support.

. "The event is in Westfield, a local town, it will be held at Indigo Studio which was the location of my book launch last June

I get to lead trauma informed yoga to my very own local community," she said.

"And what makes a great event even better, local vendors will support the event by sharing their goodies with the participants" The Program Saad said the first 15-20 mins will consist of introductions, an overview of the YWCA's mission, and Maisonneuve sharing her history and how yoga and mindfulness have helped her Her story begins as a child where Maisonneuve grew up with abusive, alcoholic parents

As an adolescent, her father sold her into sex trafficking where she endured unspeakable sexual, physical and emotional abuse for years.

She later was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent two mastectomies While enduring this, her estranged mother was stabbed and brutally murdered Despite enduring all of this, Maisonneuve was able to heal "I credit yoga for being a huge part of my own trauma healing journey I've been in therapy on-and-off for the better part of 20 years Once I discovered yoga, mindfulness and journaling, my healing journey was accelerated exponentially," Maisonneuve said "I now use the tools and techniques from all of my healing modalities in my yoga classes" Maisonneuve will lead participants through a 45 minute yoga and mindfulness class and then the remaining time will give participants a chance to shop and have their copy of "A Girl Raised by Wolves" signed A paperback copy of her book is available for purchase while RSVPing and during the event The basic admission fee is $30 With the book it's $40 Books will be distributed at check-in on the day of the event

According to Maisonneuve, one not need to have experienced severe trauma to gain benefit from the class.

"Everyone has experienced some kind of trauma If a child is bitten by a dog, they might grow up to be afraid of dogs Maybe that adult has a child who loves dogs but because they experienced dogs as dangerous in their childhood, they unconsciously pass that fear down to their children," she said "It's similar, just at very different levels, with abuse, addiction, divorce, death, rejection, the list goes on and on For most people, trauma shows up in very similar ways I've worked with gang members, drug addicts, the incarcerated, abused children, military veterans, law enforcement and sexual assault survivors and they all have similar symptoms, anxiety, depression, resentment, fear of vulnerability, shame" Indigo Art Studio of Westfield has donated the use of their space for the event and other vendors, like Zyia Active and Forevergreen, will be donating a portion of their sales back to the YWCA Union County "Complimentary juice from Juice House of Garwood, energy bites from the owner of JeniFit Studio and a tasting of Scout & Cellar wines, for the evening session only," Saad said "Opportunity to shop with Zyia Active, activewear apparel for men and women, Forevergreen, handmade soaps and lotions and Mas Designs Jewelry, handcrafted silver and gold jewelry A percentage of sales from the day will be donated back to the YWCA There will also be door prizes" Saad said the event is truly a combination of local residents in Westfield and the surrounding Union County towns "It will truly be a unique and inspiring experience," she said For her part, Maisonneuve wants people to test her "I invite you to bring to this event what you are healing from, yoga will support you in transforming your relationship to it," she said

"I know it works because I am living proof.

" If You Go The Zen AF Yoga event is scheduled for June 4 at the Indigo Art Studio, located at 102 Elm Street in Westfield and will be offered in two sessions For more info and tickets, visit the website The first is scheduled from 9:30 am to 11:30 a


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